Using Inspirometers in a CRM system

The power of Inspirometers lies in their ability to conduct feedback directly to an individual in real-time. It does this through a series of Tag codes – the random eight characters in the middle of a Tag URL which uniquely and specifically identifies the Tag and its owner within the Inspirometer system.

Using Tags as part of a CRM system makes it easy to associate other information with each instance of a Tag, capturing the subject of the email, or (in the case of non-anonymous versions) the case ID or the recipient. Our help on encoding Tags explains how this works, and enables you to do it for your own CRM system.

But what of the unique Tag code? How does the CRM system know which code to include to ensure that the response gets back to the right person? In more advanced CRM systems, the answer is easy, you simply upload the relevant Tag codes into the database for each user. But most CRM systems do not have this facility, so what happens then.

Fortunately, Inspirometer has an answer to this. It can use the code that the CRM system identifies with the user, and associate that with the Inspirometer user. This means that the CRM system can embed what it already knows into the Tag, and the adjustments are all make by the Inspirometer system.

Setting up Inspirometer users with aliases is a simple matter of entering the Alias into the users record on the Compiler Account Management page.  This is explained within our short guide on encoding Tags.