Tracking Communication
Do you seek sharper meetings, smarter email, better customer service, self-improving internal systems? Have you calculated how much time and productivity you lose through these things? It is a lot. But a big part of the problem is that most organisations can only guess at the figure. They have no […]

Inspirometer enables smarter communication

The power of Inspirometers lie in their ability to conduct feedback directly to an individual in real-time. They do this through a series of Tag codes – the random eight characters in the middle of a Tag URL which uniquely and specifically identifies the Tag and its owner within the Inspirometer […]

Using Inspirometers in a CRM system

The Inspirometer measures one thing – the satisfaction of your customers (internal and external) over time. We have occasionally been asked whether people can remove data from their Inspirometer where the customer has clearly ‘got it wrong’, and we have spent some considerable time pondering this question. On the pros side, it enables […]

Deleting data – is it a good idea?

The value-add that a ‘customer’ receives from an interaction impacts them through a number of factors, both tangible and intangible: The utility of the result The ease with which they can understand it Their confidence that it is correct/accurate Their confidence in the process which generated it How comprehensively their […]

Why do Inspirometers use emoticons?

Inspirometer dials report a % value below the dial, and this is sometimes a cause of confusion and concern for people. So why do we do it, and what does that % value mean? Why do we do it? Over time, each inspirometer will gather a range of responses of […]

Why assign values (%) to the responses received by Inspirometers?

Inspirometers are now being rolled out to 150 support agents in a well known global IT provider following trials in which the tool raised customer feedback levels from a running average of 1.5-2% to 25% in a period of weeks. The simple single click solution is now an integral part […]

Fifteen-fold improvement in customer feedback response rate