Setting up your free-trial of Inspirometer

Get_Started_ButtonIf you have not yet initiated your free trial, then please click the button on the right.

Once you have begun your trialll, use the videos below to to understand how you can set up your team within it, and how you can work with your team members to use the site, view their own meeting data and improve their own meeting effectiveness.  
The video on the right will show you how to set up your team structure and team members within it. This is a quick and easy process, and enables you to have a small team up and running on Inspirometer in minutes. Setting up your team
Once the team has been set up, the next step is for each of them (and yourself if you have not already done so) to install the basic software that will set-up your calendar and your mobile devices to enable meeting feedback and statistics. The following videos show what is involved, and how quick and easy it is...  
Installing the Outlook Add-in Downloading the mobile App Accessing your account
Clicking on a video will start it running and show the basic video controls. Click on the square outline in the bottom right corner of the video to see it in full screen mode. The following videos then show how you and your team can set up your meetings for feedback, provide feedback to each other, and see and share the results.
Setting-up meeting feedback Providing meeting feedback Viewing and sharing feedback
To share these videos with your team, we suggest you direct them to which will guide them through the process.  
You can use your own account to monitor your team's progress in this, and to provide support and encouragement where it is needed. The video on the right provides helpful guidance in this. Supporting your team's progress
All of these videos are included in the video training units, which can be found here: And you can find further help and guidance via the help button in the top right corner of your account: