Our current meetings process is relatively unchanged over 2000 years

September 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

meetings_step_by_step The 'process' of a meeting is about how the meeting takes place. It is independent of the topic - the meeting process can be used for making a decision on coffee or computers, the subject matter is largely irrelevant. So if we take a meeting process from 2000 years ago, and change references to the topic, to make it more contemporary, could you still tell it was a 2000 year old process, or would it be largely indistinguishable from a modern meeting process? Suprisingly, it is indistinguishable. We took the transcript below, sent it out to 60 business people, and asked them to take a guess, purely based on the approach taken, as to the date of the meeting, offering a prize to the guess closest to the true answer. Most of our business audience confused it with a modern event.
Does it matter that we are still using a 2000 year old meeting process? Perhaps not, if the process was still efficient and effective in tackling current issues in the current context, but unfortunately that is not the case. Meetings are probably the most complained about business process of all. So how could the meeting process change? To explore this, take a look at our video 'Effective meetings in a digital World' on the Inspirometer Digital Page