How do you measure inspiration?


An inspirometer consists primarily of a data capture (Tag) component and a data analysis (dashboard) component.


TagsTags attach to interactions

Data gathering is achieved through a series of simple tags which can be attached to individual interactions. In the cloud-based solution, tags are inexpensive optical, electronic or RF devices, depending on whether the interaction is a meeting, a document, a tool, a product or service etc.


Single click; instant feedback

They capture feedback on the inspirational impact of an interaction in seconds, and immediately communicate this back to the 'author' of the interaction. We have attached one of our own tags to this page so that you can observe their simplicity and speed.


Dial_ClippingPersonal accounts enable in-depth analysis ...

Data analysis (collation of results, averaging and display) for these tags is achieved by a web-based account, which is held by the individual who has authored the interactions. By accessing the account, the author can see immediately their influence over the levels of inspiration experienced by their colleagues and customers, and can drill down into the different types of interaction they have authored to analyse trends, and identify areas where there is scope to improve their influence. This approach promotes self-motivated responsibility.


... and can be linked to form a system

Accounts can be linked together into larger accounts, by which teams can analyse their combined impact and organisations can work together to ensure increasing levels of inspiration in their culture and working practices. This means that organisations can maintain a comprehensive picture of their impact across all of their activities.

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