Who is the company behind Inspirometers?


Compiler_Overview_Dial_01Inspirometers have developed out of a collaborative programme between Tag-Check and Microsoft, to gather better customer feedback on Microsoft's support programmes.

The original idea for the Inspirometer was as a means to gather feedback on meetings, following research undertaken for the book Meeting by Design. However, once the tool had been developed, it became obvious that it had potential to deliver spontaneous feedback on virtually all types of interaction, and Tag-Check was formed to support organisations in adopting the tool. In late 2016, Tag-Check changed its name to Inspirometer Ltd.

Our first project was with Microsoft's support teams, and over the following two years, the tool was refined to provide an effective and motivational means to drive personal learning and improvement. We thank Microsoft for their support and guidance over this time. At the end of 2014, the Inspirometer tool was launched at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, and it has been growing its customer base ever since.

_meeting_stats_pageHowever, Inspirometer has retained its passion for meeting improvement, and since mid 2016 we have been working with Siemens to use metrics to transform meeting effectiveness. As a result we now have the first ever system to provide real-time meeting statistics across an organisation. Our solution combines the simplicity of the Inspirometer tool with existing calendar data to effortlessly provide corporate and individual analyses of meetings, their cost and their effectiveness.

Inspirometer does not stand still, and each month brings further developments and functionality.

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