What's New?

There have been many developments of the Inspirometer over recent months - we encourage you to log into your account and try some of them out

(you can reset your password here if you have forgotten it, or set up a new free account here instantly).

Our new Outlook add-in provides you with instant data on your meeting statistics, and automatically polls attendees for single-click feedback at the end of each meeting.

In-meeting feedback for mobile devices enables you to keep track of meeting performance item by item and allows you to share a real-time picture of the feedback through those mobiles.

Our interactive meeting stats page now makes it even easier to analyse patterns and to drill down into the data to see which areas need help.

And we are currently working on a meetings clinic to highlight current issues and to provide simple easy tips on resolving them to increase meeting effectiveness and reduce meeting time.

All for £4.50 per account per month.

The examples below are for demonstration only. Click them to see how they work - then go to your own account and see how easy it is to create your own.

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