How much do inspirometers cost?

How much do inspirometers cost?


Money_BalanceMost tags are free

Tags are virtually free in electronic or optical format.

Electronic Tags are created as required and simply pasted into the footer of documents, blogs, web-pages, on-line tools and systems. Optical Tags, are pasted onto documents and labels for subsequent printing as part of the standard printing process, whether that is for in-house printing, for press, or for packaging and product documentation. NFC (near-field communication) and other RF (radio frequency) tags require some basic electronics to work, and so do involve a small charge. You can see the current prices for these by searching on-line stores such as Amazon.


There are economical options for personal accounts

Inspirometers such as those we have referred to here, depend on a cloud-based feedback system to function. The cloud-based application configures standard pieces of equipment such as computers and mobiles to act as the component parts of an inspirometer. These accounts gather, analyse and display tag responses, and cost around £5 per month per employee.

Each member of staff has their own account to monitor and manage how their interactions influence the inspiration of their colleagues and customers. People in leadership positions have more sophisticated accounts which also monitor their influence over the inspiration and performance of their people. For further information on these accounts, please click here.


Investment in implementation is a bigger cost

The cost of equipping your people with an inspirometer is relatively trivial. The cost of equipping them with the skills to use it will be more significant.

It is important not to underestimate the cultural change involved in making people responsible for measuring and managing their inspirational impact, and thereby their relationships. Once they are ‘on-board’ they will see all the positive opportunities, and will quickly come to realise that it is an essential aid to their to their personal effectiveness.

However, they are initially more likely to focus on the potential downsides and their fears of its possible abuse. Gaining their buy-in is crucial, and can easily be achieved with some initial training and follow-up workshops. Experience would indicate about 0.5 days for each member of staff, and 1 day for each manager.


The biggest cost is not doing it at all

If you think learning is expensive – try ignorance – Peter Drucker

In large organisations the average worker loses about 30% of their productive effort in inefficiency. The major causes of that inefficiency include activities such as: chasing information; dealing with politics; fixing mistakes; pacifying troubled customers; wading through emails; and attending inefficient meetings – inefficiency which largely arises through people being unaware or indifferent to the inspirational impact that their work has on others. Inspirometers can effectively halve this burden. What is the cost of 15% of your wage bill?

Where do I get an inspirometer?