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Inspirometer Sentiment Metrics

A versatile new feedback tool.

Discover your personal impact across all of your interactions by attaching Inspirometer Tags.
Track user experience at every point of contact.
Empower your front line with real-time feedback on their impact.


Create feedback Tags

A Tag is a request for feedback. Create one and attach it to your work! Whatever question you're asking, it's fast and easy to create an Inspirometer Tag and start using it in your life.

Attach them to your work

Tags come in plenty of forms to suit all areas of your online and offline life. Add our one-click widget to your blog, or print an Inspirometer QR code onto your beer mats. With our system you can gather feedback from as many places as possible.

Learn from your responses

Our powerful data analysis tools allow you to drill down into your feedback, see trends and reply to comments. Use Inspirometer to improve your relationships and business practices, with industry leading response rates.

"Stunningly simple, surprisingly powerful - as with all great ideas!" Dilip Popat, Microsoft

Try it now with a single click:

instant, easy feedback.

To set up a free trial for your team get in contact with us today.

Or for a personal trial, simply enter your email on the right hand side of our login page

You can always consider upgrading to our paid options for professional and business use.

Learn from your colleagues and customers

Inspirometer offers powerful otpions for data visualisation and analysis. See your personal impact on those around you.

Simple, clear feedback mechanism
Industry leading Response Rates
Multiple languages for Global organisations

Built for Business

Inspirometer is designed to add value by improving the ways we interact with one another. We'll help you get Inspirometer up and running in your organisation straight away.

Secure cloud software (SaaS)
Professional support
Tailored to your organisation

Feedback for your whole organisation

Connect individual accounts to a Compiler for organisational-level data analysis

Customer Satisfaction

Inspirometers capture real-time responses across all interactions, and immediately updates the people directly responsible for that interaction. Create a culture of fantastic customer service.

Improve efficiency

So much productivity is lost through poor communication, attending inefficient meetings, chasing information and fixing mistakes. Help people better understand the impact they have on others and cut these issues in half.

Better relationships

Improve teamwork, understanding and customer service. Promote creativity, caring and self-improvement.

Inspirometer works well on its own, but it can also be integrated with popular CRM systems

... and Inspirometer works brilliantly in making meetings more effective across your whole organisation

Contact us now to set up a free trial for your organisation.