Meetings Diagnostic

Meetings Diagnostic: Understanding your meeting culture

Meetings Diagnostic Service

Meetings take up a significant proportion of your people’s time and are the biggest factor in your organisational culture and performance, but … how much time? … and what is their current impact on culture and performance?
Our Meetings Diagnostic Service provides the means to answer these questions. In just ten days with minimal effort and disruption, we can present you with an accurate picture of: How much time you spend on meetings; what types of meetings; how well they work; and the benefits available to you from improving them.
Key questions for a meetings diagnostic survey
Meeting stats analysis forms part of our Meetings Diagnostic Service

Automated Analysis

We use existing calendar data to effortlessly collate statistics on meeting time, practices, participation and patterns to present you with a clear view of current meeting spend.
We work with your IT team to attach a simple secure tool into the back of Outlook and immediately calculate the role that meetings play in your people’s time.
The security of our Outlook add-in has been rigorously tested and has been approved by the likes of Siemens for ongoing analysis of their own meeting data. It uploads basic calendar data to a secure folder in Microsoft’s Azure cloud service – a service used by many organisations for their sensitive data.

Easy-click Survey

Our meetings survey tool captures people’s perceptions of their recent meetings in less than two minutes. This enables us to provide a rapid analysis of the efficiency of your meetings, and their impact on your culture.
While our calendar tool collates the facts and figures of your meeting spend, our simple intuitive survey assesses their human impact. We collect data on their perceived effectiveness, their strengths and weakness, and their impact on people’s working lives and your organisational culture.
Meetings Diagnostic Questionnaire
Meetings Diagnostic report

Comprehensive Report

Inspirometer’s Meetings Diagnostic Report provides you with a snapshot analysis of meetings across your organisation so that you can better understand how well they will support your future strategies, and identify where investment will bring you the greatest payback.
The report will help your team to better understand: How much time is absorbed in meetings; how those meetings are spent; where they work well; where they can be improved; and the potential strategic and cultural benefits available to you through that improvement.

Vision Workshop

Our consultants work with you and your management team to help them to understand the meeting data, and to recognise the strategic and cultural opportunities therein.
We will work with you to understand your aspirations for improvement and the benefits you want to realise through that. And then we will facilitate you in defining an effective strategy for moving forward.
The resulting strategy will be something you can implement independently, or with other partners, or in conjunction with our services. Our undertaking is to provide you with a way forward which empowers you to deliver the strategy and culture you are seeking through better meetings.

Vision and strategy meeting develops a strategy out of our Meetings Diagnostic

Meeting improvement tools build on Meetings Diagnostic platform

Meeting Improvement

Meetings are very diverse in format, purpose, subject matter, and people. As a result, they benefit most from improvement solutions which are adapted to their particular situation, circumstance and membership.
Our diagnostic service can be easily adapted into a resource which equips each meeting leader with the insight and resources to improve their meeting performance.

Potential Benefits

In some organisations, improving meeting performance can generate a 20% productivity boost and have positive cultural and ecological implications as well. For others, the gains may be more modest.
But for all organisations, the flexibility and quality of relationships between their people, and with their customers, will become increasingly important as the rate of change continues to increase around us. And meetings, of all various types, will play a vital part within that.
So to what extent will meetings in your organisation enable its full potential to bear on your future challenges and opportunities?
Potential Benefits out of the Meetings Diagnostic service
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Next Steps

Our consultants will work with key members of your management team in order to:
  • Ensure the feasibility of gathering back-end calendar data from you people using our approved Outlook add-in
  • Define the scope of the diagnostic and how it will be communicated to affected staff
  • Understand your marketplace and cultural aspirations, and the role of meetings therein
  • Conduct the survey and circulate the survey report
  • Facilitate a meeting to prioritise the report findings, and develop a forward strategy which is owned by your team
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