Meeting Metrics

What are Meeting Metrics?

Meeting metrics are numbers which measure the volume, nature, effectiveness and value-add of all of the meetings that take place in an organisation.
Meeting metrics are closely related to the following: Meeting effectiveness; meeting productivity; meeting feedback; meeting analytics; workplace analytics; and teamwork metrics.
 Display of Meeting metrics including meeting effectiveness trend charts and meeting stats
 Meeting feedback set up via the Outlook Calendar for to generate meeting metrics

How are Meeting Metrics generated?

Meeting metrics are typically generated from three main sources of data:
  • Calendar data which automatically records meeting time, size, duration, subject, format, participants, and objective/agenda if included
  • Nanometric data - single click feedback specific to each interaction (for more information on nanometrics, please click here)
  • Organisational structure - to combine the above two sources into meaningful patterns and comparisons

Why do Meeting Metrics matter?

Organisations depend on the quality of relationships between people for their success. Their economic viability and their competitive edge depend on the extent to which those relationships add or transfer value.
Therefore understanding the quality of those relationships, and how their interactions add or transfer value, is key to ensuring that success.
Why not surveys?
 Team feedback during a meeting generates meeting metrics

Inspirometer's approach to Meeting Metrics

Click here to understand Inspirometer's approach to meeting metrics, or to try them out for yourself.

Who needs Meeting Metrics?

Basically, we all do!
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