Inspirometer's Meeting Metrics: Effortless and informative

Effortless meeting metrics set-up

Inspirometer's Meeting Metrics can be set up on your phone, in your calendar and in the cloud in minutes. From there, everything happens automatically.
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Effortless Setup of Meeting Feedback
 Intuitive Interface enables easy Meeting Metrics

Intuitive interface

Inspirometer's simple and straightforward graphics make meeting metrics easy to understand and use from the outset.
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Easy housekeeping

Our Meeting Metrics dashboard works at your pace, enabling you to do things quickly at a time that best suits you.
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 Easy housekeeping enables increased meeting productivity
Insightful analysis shows how to increase meeting effectiveness 


Insightful analysis

Our easy to read charts keep you informed of the essentials, and make it easy to identify opportunities for improvement.
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Empowered improvement

Inspirometer's Meeting Metrics inspire dialogue, provide focus, give suggestions, and help you, your team, and the business, progress.
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 Empowered improvement through a wealth of meeting improvement resources
 Simple administration to ensure efficient meetings improvement

Simple Administration

Inspirometer's Meeting Metrics are a zero-overhead tool. Changes by the user are quicker than they would take to explain to someone else.
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Secure data

You can be sure that your meeting and personal data is at least as secure in Inspirometer's Meeting Metrics as it is on your own servers.
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 Meeting metrics data security
 Improved meetings productivity ensures increased business productivity

Massive returns

Inspirometer's Meeting Metrics can provide an return of 100x based on productivity alone. But its real value is cultural: engagement; creativity; joy!
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