Meeting Feedback

Simple Intuitive Faces

Simply click a face - it's as easy as that!
Feedback reflects how we feel about the value of the meeting, and thereby the likely benefit from our subsequent actions. It is an evaluation of ourselves.
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Free Mobile App

Our free mobile app automatically configures itself to enable feedback on the right meeting, for the right attendees, at the right time. It is set up directly from the meeting invite.
Simply search for Inspirometer in your appropriate app store, download and log in.
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Real-Time Results

Feedback received from participants is immediately available via the App in bold clear colours, showing the spread of opinion, and linking through to associated comments. Participants can simply swipe straight from the feedback page to the results page and back again. Read more

Confidence and Anonymity

The App does not identify who provided particular items of feedback, and so people can place a greater reliance and confidence that the feedback reflects the true perceptions of participants. Read more

Immediate Insight

Feedback is analysed into a spider diagram (sometimes called a radar plot) which highlights the aspects of the meeting which added the greatest value to the meeting and which added the least. This enables the meeting organiser to quickly identify where they can get the greatest return from making improvements. Read more

Easy to adopt improvements

The spider diagram uses the same model of meeting effectiveness as our  public 'Meetings Clinic' (a free resource of best practice strategies and simple improvement ideas). This makes it easy for people to identify and adopt quick and (relatively) easy solutions to give their meetings more impact. Read more

Works for any meeting

Inspirometer has been deliberately designed to be independent of any other meeting software. This means that it can be used for all meetings, short or long - physical, web-based, teleconference, even asynchronous meetings using web-based tools such as Slack and Yammer. Read more
_Works for any type of meeting

Effortless set-up

Meetings are set up for feedback simply by including as an invitee to the meeting when it is first set up. The Inspirometer system then links the accounts of its app users to any meetings where that user is also included in the invitation. Simple. Read more

Free For All Users ...

The Inspirometer App is free. Furthermore, the App allows users to organise feedback for up to 5 of their meetings a month using the approach described above. There is no limit to using the App to provide feedback on meetings other people have organised. Read more

... or step up to our Team Account Solution

The basic feedback account is primarily intended for casual users who are looking to improve meetings ad-hoc. However, larger teams and organisations waste so much time and potential in meetings that we recommend that they take a more systematic approach, and for that we have developed our Team Account. Read more

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