Self-Motivated Responsibility

Self-Motivated Responsibility


Leadership_EssentialsThe core of the Inspirometer system (even in large corporate implementations) is an individual’s personal account.

We believe that effective improvement and transformation is about personal ownership of change, and the Inspirometer system is designed to embody this principle.

Personal dashboards

provide real-time insight into your day-to-day impact

Inspiration metrics

encourage and support you to ‘think outside the box’

Simple display tools

enable you to quickly identify issues and opportunities

Sophisticated analysis

provides insight into ways to increase your value

Tag editing tools

enable you to tailor your feedback to your personal needs

Range of Tag options

enable you to monitor all aspects of your work, even on another continent

Integrated messaging

alerts you the instant that issues arise


enable you to track and maintain your own development goals


Inspirometers are NOT a judgement on your performance. They are a way of tracking the effects that result from it , and of empowering you to take more control of those outcomes. They equip you to better understand your stakeholders and their perceptions (and sometimes their shortcomings in those) so that you are better informed how to achieve the results you want.

And they enable you to better support the effectiveness of your team in achieving the same