Organisational Oversight

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Participation_CommunityThe core of each Inspirometer system is individual personal accounts. These ensure ownership of change at the point where it is to be effected.

Organisational accounts pull these individual accounts together into teams, departments, business units, and corporate structures so that each level of management can track their people's efforts in improve-ment, and gain insight into how better to stimulate and support it.


Graphical displays

allow easy drill-down to identify areas in need of support

Sophisticated analysis

enables you to identify patterns and determine causes

Overview tools

enable you to monitor cultural development and break down silos

Community Tags

help to ensure the efficiency of meetings and communication in all their forms

Upward feedback

provides personal insight into each manager's support to their staff

Real-time data

supports regular fact-based management of culture and Customer experience

Compiler tools

replicate the management structure of your organisation and are simple to edit

Permission control

accommodates differing levels of oversight and administration rights


Inspirometers equip your management with the information they need to ensure your organisation and its relationships are effectively and efficiently working together to deliver its purposes.

And the wide range of Tag integration options ensure that this approach can be linked into all aspects of your operations and management, and provide you with one integrated approach to improving organisational effectiveness*.