Integrated Approach

Integrated Approach


Accreditation_P1The Inspirometer system has been designed to drive improvement of ALL aspects of organisational performance through personal responsibility.

It achieves this through clever selection of simple, adaptable Tags which gather feedback on the wide range of interactions by which the organisation effects its purposes.


Encoded Tags

gather customer feedback through your CRM and bulletin systems

Customisable widgets

monitor reactions to your internet, intranet and social media pages

Hyperlink Tags

integrate with your email, knowledge base, and electronic documents

Visual QR Tags

provide feedback on physical items: displays, equipment, facilities, paperwork


solicit quick and timely feedback from physical meetings and phone calls

Messaging options

provide alerts through your email and social media communication tools

API Tools

integrate with your ERP and management reporting systems

NFC Tags (etc.)

Future proof your solution to accommodate evolving communication needs


Most implementations focus initially on one area of their work, such as customer relationship management, employee engagement, or change management. The Inspirometer system provides excellent insight and management support for all of these areas. But it also adapts and expands easily to accommodate your evolving needs within the same management system, providing a one-stop integrated solution.

For more information on the range of different Tags available, download the tag selection guide.

For more information on the range of applications supported by these Tags, click here, or visit the HR applications page