Measuring Inspiration: What is an Inspirometer?


Inspirometer dialMeasuring inspirational impact

Inspirometers capture, in real time, the inspirational impact we each have on each other. Combined into a coherent system, inspirometers measure the inspirational impact of every interaction between our people, our systems, and our cultural practices, and creates a living picture of our influence over each other and over the culture of the organisation.


Inspiring self-motivated improvement

Leadership_EssentialsInspirometers are first and foremost individual tools, intended for personal self-motivated improvement. This is not just for the leaders of the organisation, but for everybody whose work and decisions impact their colleagues and customers. Inspiration is best generated and nurtured when those individuals take personal ownership for improving their positive influence over it, and for this to be truly effective they need prompt and direct feedback of the results.


Linking into a team or organisation-wide system

Participation_CommunityBut as John Donne put it, no man is an island, and our influence over others is borne out of our own sense of inspiration, which is in turn influenced by other peoples interactions with us. For this reason, individual inspirometers link together to enable teams to engage with each other in mutual support and in improving their collective interactions with others. These links can be extended to involve other teams, and even entire organisations, so that the cultural influences can be fully understood and improved upon.


Eating the elephant ...

Accreditation_P1Inspirometers provide the means for organisations to not only understand, but also to improve and manage the inspirational impact of a whole range of behaviours and activities that have been neglected as 'too difficult' for too long (the proverbial 'elephant in the room'), including things like meetings and emails. To understand how they work, click here.