Inspiring personal responsibility for value-add

Learn from colleagues & customers

Inspirometers offer powerful options for data visualisation and analysis of personal effectiveness

Equip your people and teams to keep track of their personal value-add and to take active part in a culture of self-motivated self-improvement. Inspirometers build personal responsibility through timely feedback attuned to each individual role, leading to immediate organic improvement of performance. For more information, click on the links below:

Driving personal ownership tool

Personal ownership

Inspiring self-motivated improvement across all teams and levels ... more

Spontaneous feedback tool

Simple, clear feedback

Know instantly what is working and what is not ... more

Role customisation adaptability tool

Flexible to all roles

Infinitely customisable metrics get feedback on anything ... more

Customer survey tool

High response rates

Attractive, intuitive, single click system maximises returns ... more

Performance improvement tool

Instant performance

Fix issues as they emerge and ensure change delivers results ... more

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