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Learn from colleagues & customers

Inspirometers offer powerful options for data visualisation and analysis of personal effectiveness

Equip your people and teams to keep track of their personal value-add and to take active part in a culture of self-motivated self-improvement. Inspirometers build personal responsibility through timely feedback attuned to each individual role, leading to immediate organic improvement of performance. For more information, click on the links below:

Driving personal ownership tool

Personal ownership

Inspiring self-motivated improvement across all teams and levels ... more

Spontaneous feedback tool

Simple, clear feedback

Know instantly what is working and what is not ... more

Role customisation adaptability tool

Flexible to all roles

Infinitely customisable metrics get feedback on anything ... more

Customer survey tool

High response rates

Attractive, intuitive, single click system maximises returns ... more

Performance improvement tool

Instant performance

Fix issues as they emerge and ensure change delivers results ... more

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Inspiring self-motivated improvement across all teams and levels

Driving personal ownership tool

The core of the Inspirometer system (even in large corporate implementations) is an individual’s personal account.  We believe that effective improvement and transformation is about personal responsibility for change, and the Inspirometer system is designed to embody this principle. 

Real-time, individualised information, delivered independently of management channels, builds real ownership for the feedback and stimulates self-motivated responses in the form of dialogue and action. This enables management to intervene by exception (using management overview data) purely from a support perspective, and without undermining the principle that ownership of 'the issue' rests with the individual.

Inspirometers are not just for the leaders of the organisation, but for everybody whose work and decisions impact their colleagues and customers. Inspirometers inspire continuous personal improvement, and enable people to self-manage the value that they deliver through the organisation.

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Know instantly what is working and what is not

Spontaneous feedback tool

Personal dashboards enable people to track their value-add on their colleagues and customers in real-time. They build confidence and enthusiasm to excel in areas which are going well, and stimulate exploration and improvement in areas where problems may exist.

Easy to use trending and analysis tools enable your people to quickly identify issues and opportunities, and inspires them to look for that 'something more' that can make the difference. Graphs provide a productive basis for dialogue with colleagues and customers; trends prompt deeper exploration of issues, and the basis for new insights and opportunities.

Successful improvements immediately show up on personal charts, and reinforce and reward the learning that has taken place. And sharing the visuals within and between teams promotes a climate of collective learning and improvement.

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Infinitely customisable metrics enable feedback on anything

Role customisation adaptability tool

Tag formats and questions can be easily configured to any situation, enabling you and your people to track their value-add through all aspects of their role - internal and external, physical and virtual, tangible and intangible, routine and spontaneous.

One system collates and monitors all areas of value-add across your entire organisation: meetings, email, web, tasks, reports, policies, facilities, presentations, support, ... whatever!

Every activity, of every staff-member, in every aspect of your business can be set up for self-monitoring, and can be collated into personal, local, and business-wide analyses of value-add - whatever their role; whatever your business.

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Attractive, intuitive, single click system maximises returns

Customer survey tool

Inspirometer's single click response engages colleagues and customers alike in taking responsibility for ensuring they receive the service they need. This has created a ten-fold increase in feedback levels over more conventional systems. 

Furthermore, the simplicity of Inspirometer Tags means that they can be attached as routine to all internal and customer touch points. In this way they can both gather data at a much higher rate and (because responses are so easy) build confidence that null responses reflect overall satisfaction with the interaction.

For more information, take a look at our blog article on maximising response rates or contact us here.



Fix issues as they emerge and ensure improvements deliver results

Performance improvement tool

Inspirometer based improvement happens in real-time. No more waiting for analysis of an annual survey. No more loss of impetus through questioning the interpretation of the results, or through disowning them.

Individuals get direct and immediate feedback on their own interactions in their own terms. As a result, improvement is self-motivated, continuous and largely autonomous - your organisation effectively improves itself!

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Empower management to keep track of progress

The Inspirometer provides structured management oversight which enables your management teams to track and encourage progress without undermining the key principle of personal ownership. For more information, click here.




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