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Inspirometer makes these principles core to each person's role by tracking their value-add

Every individual at every level of the organisation can track the unique means by which they personally impact their colleagues and customers via each interaction, and understand immediately what added value and what was wasted. The result is an empowered self-motivated drive for each part of the organisation to better align itself with the needs of its neighbours and the overall business purpose   –   a movement which can double your productivity:

Meeting efficiency tool

Meeting efficiency

Save one day a week by doubling meeting efficiency ... more

Communication efficiency tool

Communication edge

Get the emails you want in the form that you want them ... more

Customer satisfaction tool

Customer satisfaction

Maximise the productivity of your customer-facing activities ... more

  Process improvement tool

Process improvement

Automatically track & develop bus-iness process efficiency ... more

Innovation and energy tool

Innovation & energy

Self-motivated improvement of productivity & creativity ... more


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Save one day a week by doubling meeting efficiency

Meeting efficiency tool

On average, approximately half of all white-collar time is taken up with meetings: attending them, getting to them, or administering them - and over half of that time is effectively wasted.

People are all too aware of this fact when they are attending meetings, but they somehow to lose sight of it when they are running their own. Meetings are poor, but nearly everybody thinks that their own are good, largely because there is no evidence to the contrary.

Inspirometers provide the means for people to accurately evaluate the efficiency of their meetings, and to identify more efficient strategies and to remove the key areas of waste. The potential to increase management productivity through using Inspirometers within meetings is massive - up to 20% (8 hours) of management time per week can be recovered and refocused as a result.

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Get the emails you want in the form that you want them

Communication efficiency tool

In the worst cases, managers can spend 3 hours per day working through their emails. Even with good strategies for prioritising and filtering, a large portion of that time still gets wasted and sadly, because no strategy is perfect, key information sometimes gets overlooked.

Even though much of the rubbish comes from outside, internal email behaviour is still a problem, and is the cause of much that ends up overlooked. The problem arises from the fact that the strategies for improving communication are largely centred on the recipient of the communication, whereas they should be focused on the originator.

Inspirometers help to correct this issue. By providing real-time metrics of value add (and value lost) back to the originator of any communication, they place responsibility for ensuring the efficiency of communication back to where it should be. This causes people to invest the appropriate time in considering the best form and means for the communication, and ensures that people can rely on the fact that any internal emails they receive will efficiently deliver valuable information to them.

Even if only 10 minutes per day is saved in this way, the benefits can be worth £30 per week per person based on average white-collar employment costs.

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Maximise the productivity of your customer-facing activities

Customer satisfaction tool

Customer satisfaction is the number one determinant of business success. As we know, it is borne out of the result of many different interactions between many different people and systems in the customer's organisation and in yours.

Productivity improvement is about maximising the positive impact of each of those interactions on the customers' satisfaction.

Inspirometers help you to do this efficiently. Simple Tags can be attached to each interaction and immediately gather feedback on what is adding value and what is not. This information can be used to redirect the wasted effort and ensure it is more productive in delivering value.

Inspirometers can be used in: sales materials, support desks, product and service delivery, invoicing, documentation, websites and customer meetings. The information gained can ensure you maximise the productivity of your customer processes and better ensure service excellence.

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Automatically track & develop business process efficiency

Process improvement tool

The Inspirometer system can be used to track value through all business processes: formal and informal; internal and external; cross-business and top-down; hard and soft.

It can map the impact of every step on the value that is being produced and it can monitor the effectiveness of every interface and hand-over. It empowers people within the process to address waste and identify new ways to add value.

It encourages personal responsibility, innovation and self-motivated improvement. It enables and reinforces 'Lean' in non-production environments. And it provides an end-to-end overview which harnesses all of these individual efforts into a coherent, powerful and efficient machine for delivering value.

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Self-motivated improvement of productivity and creativity

Innovation and energy tool

Key to any sustainable productivity improvement is the energy and ideas of your people.

By keeping the focus on personal responsibility for value-add in all interactions, Inspirometers equip your people to continuously and organically remove all sources of waste in your business, and to creatively identify new opportunities to add value.

Inspirometers naturally increase personal growth both through reinforcement of formal learning, and through self-awareness of personal impact. But most of all, they engender a culture in which people inspire themselves and their colleagues to be the best that they can be, and to enjoy being that.

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