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Benefits:   Smarter Communication  |  Productivity Improvement  |  Customer Satisfaction  |  Employee Engagement
Approach:   Self-motivated responsibility  |  Organisational oversight
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Tag key interactions

A Tag is a request for feedback. Create them in seconds and attach them to your work. Whatever aspect of value you are measuring, it's fast and easy to create Inspirometer Tags - especially in meetings.

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Track value-add

Tags come in a wide range of forms to monitor the value of all types of interaction. With our system your people are provided with real-time insight into their impact across all aspects of their work.

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Raise productivity

Our powerful data analysis tools allows you and your people to drill down into the feedback, see trends, initiate constructive dialogue, and find new ways to streamline their work and add further value.

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Create a question; click a button to turn it into a Tag; and paste the Tag into your work

Meeting efficiency tool

Data gathering is achieved through a series of simple tags which can be attached to individual interactions. You can see examples of the most common form of these Tags on the right - click here to interact with a selection of demonstration Tags.

These Tags take seconds to create (even less for meetings) are free to reproduce and can be easily and effortlessly incorporated into meetings, emails, electronic or printed documents, web-pages, brochures, facilities, displays and equipment.

Tags can also be created in other forms if required.

They capture real-time spontaneous feedback on all aspects of your business's workings, both internally and externally.

They monitor the relationships between your people and from your people to your customers - through whatever channels you use - providing you with a living picture of your organisation's value-add and how it is delivered.

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Users see the work, click the Tag to give feedback, and update your people's accounts

Communication efficiency tool

By tagging your key interactions within and outside your business, you are able to track how value-add flows through your processes and organisational structure, and monitor its impact on your customers.

You can build up a picture of where teamwork and relationships are working well and where they need improvement - you can instantly see areas of productivity and waste.

You can measure the efficiency of meetings, emails and other key forms of communication; and you can identify and address silos to improve culture and cross-functional teamwork. But, more than this, you can equip your people at all levels of the business to do the same, and to take personal ownership for their own part in increasing value-add.

Each individual has their own account within the system, and can immediately see the value their work is creating for their colleagues and customers.

They are able to quickly drill down into the different channels by which they have done their work, identify strengths and issues, and take personal responsibility for improving their own productivity.

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Value-add is analysed; improvements are tracked; coaching opportunities are identified

Customer satisfaction tool

Key to the Inspirometer ethos is personal responsibility for productivity improvement.

Each individual is provided with the means to monitor their own value-add in real-time, and to analyse what is working for them and what is not.

Each manager is provided with the ability to quickly review their people's progress, and to provide support and coaching where it would be most helpful.

The insight provided through the data provides the stimulus and the means for effective dialogue in both cases.

Relationships grow and thrive vertically and horizontally across the organisation and out to the customer as a result of self-motivated initiatives to better understand and improve value-add.

Productivity improves and waste reduces automatically as a result of better understanding and relationships. And the board can track the evolution of a value-add culture and better understand the impact of their policies and practices in that.

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You, your team, your organisation, can be up and running in minutes

Process improvement tool

To explore the concept at a personal level, open a free account, and try out the Tag and dashboard is some aspect of your own work. See how easy it is to change how the Tag works and how quickly you see results appear on your dashboard.

To trial the Inspirometer for your team or organisation, contact us and we will set you up a complete system tailored to your structure and needs. Each person on your team will have their own account, which will be linked together to provide your leadership with a real-time overview of progress.

If you make a choice today, Inspirometers could be tracking your productivity within a week, demonstrably increasing it within a month - streamlining meetings; reducing waste; harmonising relationships; generating commitment; improving service levels - and generating returns of £5 000/head within the year.

And the cost? Just £5 per person per month (organisation and team set-ups have a minimum charge of 20 people).

If you have questions, try our pre-sales FAQ, or contact us directly.


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