Effortlessly track your meeting performance

Simply install our Outlook add-in and feedback will be enabled for all your future meetings

Within seconds you will be able to see a detailed analysis of you calendar and how you spend your time.
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Install the Meetings Add-in - right now, right here!

Use the appropriate link below to install the add-in that is right for your version of Outlook ...

For Outlook 2010 and all later versions, please click here.

For Outlook 2007, please click here.

These links will begin a process which, depending on your browser, will either start the installation directly, or will download a file for you to save and/or run. (More information ...)

Follow the prompts to install the add-in. Then restart your Outlook and let things settle down, You should receive an email to tell you everything is okay. At that point we recommend that you close and reopen Outlook a second time to ensure everything is in the right place, and you will be all ready to go.

Follow the instructions in the email to access your meeting analysis. You should immediately see something like the image at the bottom of this page.

The plugin will also enable feedback by including in the distribution of all future meetings that you set up. To enable this feature for meetings you have already set up in your diary, simply add to the attendees and make sure that you send update to all (so that Inspirometer knows who to poll at the end of the meeting).

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