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Inspirometers focus people's attention on what they are here for - adding value to colleagues & customers

... and thereby driving business success. They inspire people to find ways to inspire others. They promote a service culture which maintains and builds on that inspiration until it comes to fruition as: innovative solutions; better ways of working; new insights and new opportunities. They foster personal responsibility for making things better, and then "better still". They make it possible for everyone to be a productive member of a mutually supportive team that is achieving something worthwhile.

Ownership culture

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Inspiring leadership

Shifting interventions from the negative to the positive ... more

Faster development

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Improved relationships

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Increased innovation

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Employee satisfaction

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Self-motivated delivery of continuous improvement

Ownership culture tool

Inspirometers promote and support an ownership culture, where people take personal responsibility for ensuring that they add value through their work, both in the day-to-day and as part of improvement initiatives to move the business forward.

They engage people in personal self-development, enabling them to define their role and their improvement targets in terms of clear value to their colleagues and customers, and then to track and improve that value.

Their simple scale provides for recognition of 'going the extra mile' and encourages productive dialogue and creative opportunities.  

The result is that people can more clearly see their own responsibility in things - from customer service, to colleague support, and even the culture itself; they learn their own part in making things better. Corporate accounts pull these individual accounts together into an effective whole; they enable the existing management structure to coordinate and encourage overall progress whilst preserving a personal ownership culture.

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Shifting interventions from the negative to the positive

Inspirational Leadership tool

Inspirometers enable leaders to focus on the positive.

Inspirometer's real-time data makes team members immediately aware of any issues they may have in their work - they do not have to wait for their leadership to 'pass on the message'.

This fact enables leadership to quickly adopt a supportive stance, looking at the context and identifying options for moving forward. Ownership for performance and the issues therein remains with the individual, and so the leader can focus on value-add through coaching and resourcing their solution.

Inspirometers equip leaders to track all of their people's progress, and they also enable them to track their own leadership impact as perceived by their people - helping them to refine their approach in creating a truly inspiring culture for making progress.

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Doubling the rate of learning adoption and learning opportunities

Faster development tool

Whether as a result of formal training, a change programme, or self-motivated learning - modern work is about personal development, and personal development is about behavioural change.

Inspirometers greatly accelerate progress from formal training, coaching and change initiatives - from reinforcing assimilation of the change, through gaining feedback on its adoption, and then on to developing its mastery.

In addition, they provide learning opportunities in their own right - identifying areas for improvement, supporting exploration of issues and ideas, and tracking the implementation to ensure that any change is successfully incorporated into normal practice.

Inspirometers easily double the rate of adoption of learning from courses, and behavioural improvements through change programmes. They address the most common failing of change, by 'closing the loop' to ensure that what was 'expected' is 'delivered', and continues to be 'delivered'.

Inspirometers are change management.

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Enabling productivity through efficient and fulfilling interactions

Improved relationships tool

Inspirometers improve relationships by improving all of the interactions that comprise that relationship - both inside and outside the organisation.

Inspirometers enable the smiles and frowns that help us build relationships face-to-face to be instantly transmitted over any distance; and the metrics created from this promote personal and collective responsibility for ensuring that relationships develop, issues are resolved, and agendas are reconciled.

But furthermore, the increased understanding and meaningful dialogue between people builds relationships that move beyond the purely transactional to be deeper, more caring, more fulfilling; and ultimately more inspirational and productive.

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Stimulating and supporting new levels of creativity

Increased innovation tool

Inspirometers increase innovation by providing the insight and motivation to find new ways to add value.

The simple inclusion of the 'inspired' option on the feedback Tag provides acknowledgement that the value provided has been recognised as 'out of the ordinary' and motivates people to find further ways to add value to their colleagues and customers through their service.

Conversely, unhappy responses highlight when the standard approach is falling short and there is opportunity for seeking a new solution. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Furthermore, Inspirometer feedback helps shape meetings and other forms of communication to ensure that they create the types of interactions which not only spark creativity, but which fan it into fulfilment.

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Creating a culture of 360 degree employee engagement

Employee satisfaction tool

Most people leave their boss and their co-workers, not their job. It is most commonly found to be problems in relationships that undermine your people's commitment to the company.

Inspirometers enable you to monitor the quality for relationships in your organisation, and to understand how they affect individual satisfaction. Given the right circumstances, everybody has a desire to be productive - and Inspirometers help you to ensure those 'right circumstances'.

Some of those circumstances are controlled from the leadership, and Inspirometers will enable you to keep track of the impact of your policies and practices, and the means by which they are delivered.

But other circumstances arise from co-workers, and Inspirometers enable each member of staff to track their own influence on the circumstances of their colleagues - guiding them to ensure that their interactions are helpful, empowering and productive.

Satisfaction comes from relationships, and Inspirometers equip you to keep those relationships on track.

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Why are your financial metrics:

Is it because they:

But isn't that also true of people's value-add & relationships with colleagues and customers?

Aren't today's ideas, insights, attitudes and trust ... tomorrow's financial implications?

In a VUCA World, when it has registered in your finances, any response is already 'too late' - 90% of your current financial position was determined by decisions made last year. Isn't it time we started to apply financial disciplines to our non-financials?

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