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Inspirometer drives real-time improvement of all aspects of your communication processes

Inspirometer makes smart communication a reality by effortlessly providing the feedback by which it can adapt and improve its performance. Communication is the most important and prevalent activity in any organisation, and yet the processes by which it takes place are among the least measured and developed of any in business today. Click on the headings below to understand more about how Inspirometer can transform the productivity of your communication processes:

Sharper meetings

More productive debate > fewer & shorter meetings ... more

Intelligent intranet

Automatically evolving to become the 'resource of choice' ... more

Learning documents

Documents that track their impact and potential ... more


Adaptive teamwork

Self-developing teams which break down silos ... more

Smarter email

In-boxes which reward value-add and penalise spam ... more


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More productive debate > fewer and shorter meetings

Sharper meetings tool

Inspirometer enables you to track the value-add of every meeting as and when it takes place. Simple Tags linked to the meeting process capture its impact on the participants in seconds.

Single click Tags can be used unobtrusively within: the agenda, preparatory materials, presentations, resources, minutes and reports. Meeting organisers can immediately understand what aspects of their meeting have been productive and which need to be rethought (or even removed). Management can track meeting performance across the organisation and prioritise change. 

Spontaneous feedback on the impact of the process prompts dialogue on people's needs within the meeting, and promotes better use of meeting tools to engage people productively. As a consequence, waffle is reduced, energy and commitment are developed, and a greater wealth of perspectives and ideas are contributed.

Meeting organisers learn how to better generate effective conclusions and build commitment to delivering them; people and relationships grow and thrive; teamwork builds; staff satisfaction improves; innovative solutions are generated; and everybody is more effective.

Furthermore, more efficient meetings mean that they can be shorter and less frequent, thereby bringing further productivity gains.

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Automatically evolving to become the 'resource of choice'

Intelligent intranet tool

The intranet's potential for making communication more efficient is still largely to be realised in many organisations. As a result, meetings and email carry more of the burden of sharing and coordinating progress than they need to.

Inspirometers enable all staff to track the impact of their contributions to the intranet, and to maintain its positive value to their colleagues. It enables people to get feedback on different approaches, and to refine weak or confusing submissions until they have real value.

Inspirometers facilitate and encourage people to play their part in the positive organic development of your organisation's core knowledge. They provide the intelligence to enable the intranet to be largely self-organising, and enable its administrators to monitor the overall pattern of value and ensure the structure is best supporting the needs of its users.  

If your intranet is not yet achieving its potential, Inspirometers can provide the intelligence to understand why and to drive things forward.

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Documents that track their impact and potential

Learning documents tool

Well written documents can be a great asset to your business. They can inspire customers, empower solutions, inform decisions, align values, enthuse staff and harness teamwork. They can be used locally one day and globally the next, providing timely input when it is needed, even years after they have been written.

Inspirometers help develop and maintain the value of your documents to do all those things. Simple Tags embedded into each document can capture the value they deliver, wherever and whenever they deliver it, and immediately update its author's understanding of its impact.

Inspirometers work with your documents, whether those documents are electronic or physical (or printed from electronic, or scanned from paper) no matter where they have been in the meantime. 

Regular feedback can motivate the authors and help them refine their documents with the learning they receive from our Tags, thereby making them even more powerful in achieving your goals.

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Automatically track & develop business process efficiency

Adaptive teamwork tool

Teamwork is fundamentally the reason organisations exist - to facilitate people working more productively together than they can separately. But nothing stands still; expectations continuously evolve, and structures which once enabled progress, if not adapted over time, can become a source of frustration and inefficiency.

Inspirometers help track the value created both within teams and between them, helping them to better understand the evolving context and to adapt their approach to suit.  

Inspirometers stimulate the dialogue that helps teams to understand when their cohesion begins to break down, and when evolving needs are best met by evolving memberships. They help organisations identify emerging silos before they become a problem, and they enable more productive relationships between team members and between teams, even when those teams may be in other organisations.

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In-boxes which reward value-add and penalise spam

Smarter email tool

The problems of email abuse have tended to mask the amazing potential that email has for business.

Inspirometers transform email performance by clearly differentiating between the good and the bad; encouraging well written concise and informative correspondence tailored to the recipient, and deterring poorly considered copy-alls and information which would be better communicated by other means. 

The simple incorporation of a Tag in email signatures enables people to track the net value of their email correspondence, and to better attune it to their colleagues' needs.

Management can quickly see who is adding net value through their emails and who is not, and can coach and encourage the latter with appropriate improvement targets. As a result, email traffic falls to a more manageable level and takes the most productive form, whether that be as a direct email, or via forums or social networks.

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