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Inspirometer drives real-time improvement of all aspects of your communication processes

Inspirometer makes smart communication a reality by effortlessly providing the feedback by which it can adapt and improve its performance. Communication is the most important and prevalent activity in any organisation, and yet the processes by which it takes place are among the least measured and developed of any in business today. Click on the headings below to understand more about how Inspirometer can transform the productivity of your communication processes:

Sharper meetings

More productive debate > fewer & shorter meetings ... more

Intelligent intranet

Automatically evolving to become the 'resource of choice' ... more

Learning documents

Documents that track their impact and potential ... more

Adaptive teamwork

Self-developing teams which break down silos ... more

Smarter email

In-boxes which reward value-add and penalise spam ... more

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    productivity | culture | customers


Understand how Inspirometers ...

    promote self-motivated improvement | enable collective management of performance


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