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Exemplary Customer Service!

Create a culture that is fanatical about creating faultless and fulfilling customer experiences

Inspirometers capture 'moments of truth' - real-time customer reactions across all of the interactions they have with your business - and immediately update the people directly responsible for those interactions. The effect is an informed and inspired focus on continuously improving each contact point until the experience is little short of 'magical' - for both the customers' staff and your own

Service excellence tool

Service excellence

Instantaneous feedback from all stakeholders on all services ...       more

Improved interaction tool

Improved Interaction

Developing a customer perspective and a positive platform for dialogue ... more

Increasing customer satisfaction tool

Customer satisfaction

Inspiring shared responsibility - leading to partnership in success ... more

Net Advocacy Score

Net Advocacy Score

More immediate alternative to the popular NPS® system ...       more

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Instantaneous feedback from all stakeholders on all services

Service excellence tool

Inspirometers monitor every 'moment of truth' between your organisation and your customers. They track every contact: physical or virtual; personal or indirect; professional or casual. They give you the opportunity to see smiles and frowns in real-time, almost as though you were there.

This means that you can build excellence into every individual touch point, and ensure that all aspects of your customers' (and potential customers') experiences are as you want them to be.

Real-time data, communicated immediately and directly to each staff member concerned, enabling each individual or team to instantly refine their approach and ensure success.

But not just customers and prospects, every stakeholder experience can be managed in the same way, enabling you to better attune your service to them. In this way you can maximise your influence in the things that are most important to you.

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Developing a customer perspective and a positive platform for dialogue

Improved interaction tool

Inspirometers strengthen the relationship your staff have with your customers and stakeholders.

For your staff, real-time feedback (which recognises both issues and inspiration) provides added motivation and relevance for their work, and helps them to better understand (and develop, the purpose and value of their efforts.

For their customers, the simplicity of feedback initiates a sense of shared responsibility for the outcomes: Elevating a sense of care for the relationship by both parties; and providing efficient early warning of potential issues.

Inspirometers stimulate productive dialogue between your staff and their customers and stakeholders. It moves their relationships beyond the purely transactional, and begins to grow a sense of partnership in delivering a successful outcome.

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Inspiring shared responsibility - leading to partnership in success

Increasing customer satisfaction tool

Inspirometers enable you to manage customer satisfaction in both a deeper, and a more distributed manner - imbuing a sense of customer focus into all interactions:

Their simplicity and ease of use means that they can be deployed at every touch point which influences your (potential) customers' satisfaction - through every medium at every stage.

Their account structure automatically deploys responsibility for those touch points to the individual most directly involved, enabling them to respond immediately and accurately. This empowers your whole organisation to act in parallel without overloading management.

Management can then focus on the trends, the exceptions and the positives without getting dragged into the detail (except when necessary).

The result is a higher and more sustainable level of customer satisfaction, and all of the benefits that brings.

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Understanding the balance of opinion currently in your favour

Net Advocacy Score - Balance

Inspirometers provide an immediate real-time understanding of the balance of opinion in the market-place in regard to your organisation.

Like the popular Net Promoter® Score, it provides a simple single figure to represent the net balance of positive voices, but unlike the NPS® it recognises that individual voices may have mixed opinions, and that there is value in understanding what aspects of your service are receiving a net positive press and which are not. It also reflects the voices of different stakeholder groups so that you can understand your brand perceptions not just in respect of customers, but also in regard to employees, potential recruits, business partners and your community.

Furthermore, because the Net Advocacy Score (NAS) is based on individual interactions, the results are available in real-time for the current relationships. These results are delivered directly and immediately to the people best placed to turn critics into advocates, and equips them with insight into which aspects of service can be best improved to achieve that. For further thoughts on this topic click here.

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