Customer satisfaction and service excellence

Exemplary Customer Service!

Create a culture that is fanatical about creating faultless and fulfilling customer experiences

Inspirometers capture 'moments of truth' - real-time customer reactions across all of the interactions they have with your business - and immediately update the people directly responsible for those interactions. The effect is an informed and inspired focus on continuously improving each contact point until the experience is little short of 'magical' - for both the customers' staff and your own

Service excellence tool

Service excellence

Instantaneous feedback from all stakeholders on all services ...       more

Improved interaction tool

Improved Interaction

Developing a customer perspective and a positive platform for dialogue ... more

Increasing customer satisfaction tool

Customer satisfaction

Inspiring shared responsibility - leading to partnership in success ... more

Net Advocacy Score

Net Advocacy Score

More immediate alternative to the popular NPS® system ...       more

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    promote self-motivated improvement | enable collective management of performance


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