Leadership oversight of productivity, value-add and culture

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Inspirometers put you in control of the relationships that are key to your continued success

Inspirometer is secure, scalable and designed for business. It provides structured management oversight over individual personal responsibility; customer experience; cultural development and productivity - no matter how far flung your operations. Click the links below for more information:

Business relationship oversight dashboard tool

Structured oversight

Enables your management system to control culture ... more

Global feedback tool

Global solution

Get feedback instantly - anywhere to anywhere in any language ... more

Secure cloud based feedback tool

Secure cloud-based

Immediately available with no installation requirements ... more

Business vision and values tracking tool

Tailored to you

Aligns directly with your business goals and values ... more

Business interaction tool

Covers all interactions

Instantly tracks all types of value-add: internal, external, x-site ... more

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