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Inspirometers put you in control of the relationships that are key to your continued success

Inspirometer is secure, scalable and designed for business. It provides structured management oversight over individual personal responsibility; customer experience; cultural development and productivity - no matter how far flung your operations. Click the links below for more information:

Business relationship oversight dashboard tool

Structured oversight

Enables your management system to control culture ... more

Global feedback tool

Global solution

Get feedback instantly - anywhere to anywhere in any language ... more

Secure cloud based feedback tool

Secure cloud-based

Immediately available with no installation requirements ... more

  Business vision and values tracking tool

Tailored to you

Aligns directly with your business goals and values ... more

Business interaction tool

Covers all interactions

Instantly tracks all types of value-add: internal, external, x-site ... more


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Enables your management system to control culture and coordinate self-motivated improvement

Business relationship oversight dashboard tool

The core of each Inspirometer system is individual personal accounts. These are key to ensuring a culture of personal responsibility for relationships and value-add.

Organisational accounts pull these individual accounts together into teams, departments, business units, and corporate structures so that each level of management can track their people’s efforts in improvement, and gain insight into how better to stimulate and support it.

The result is a set of metrics which align to your reporting structure, and which provide real-time understanding of how your culture is working to inspire and enable productivity right across and up through your organisation.

Each manager can easily and immediately see what is happening in their own area. They can encourage staff (and managers) who are effectively fulfilling their responsibility, and coach those who are struggling. Their metrics give them a real-time picture of what it feels like to work in their part of the organisation, and enables them to track the influence of their culture change initiatives.

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Get feedback instantly in any language - from anywhere to anywhere

Global feedback tool

Inspirometers can gather responses instantaneously from any interaction, in any form, anywhere in the World. People can access their accounts and see their results both at home in the office and while travelling on another continent, so even if your team and your organisational structures are globally distributed, your managers can easily track their people's progress.

Response pages operate in multiple languages and are ideal for international organisations working across different language zones and with customers in different countries. Inspirometers can easily be configured into the language of the interaction they are tracking.

Inspirometers work as well in Lima as they do in London. All that is required is a smart device (laptop or smartphone) which has access to the internet.

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Immediately available with no installation requirements

Secure cloud-based feedback tool

Inspirometers are cloud-based, and totally secure.

Their cloud-based nature is key to being able to gather responses internationally. But it also means that they do not incur IT integration costs when they are implemented into your organisation. Inspirometers use your existing standard technology without adaptation - they simply need a reasonably recent browser platform in which to operate.

Integration with your work can be done quickly and easily using copy and paste commands into your existing applications and documents. Manuals and training are all available on-line.

Inspirometer data is encrypted and held in multiple secure servers within Microsoft's Azure service. Accounts are accessed through secure web browsers, and all best-practice security recommendations are adopted and maintained, with no additional implications for your own implementation.

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Aligns directly with your business goals and values

Business vision and values tracking tool

The flexibility of the Inspirometer system enables it to be directly aligned with your business goals, and to maintain that alignment as your goals evolve over time. Its structure enables you to track progress even on the intangible elements of your vision and values, and to ensure their pursuit in all aspects of your business.

In addition to tracking value-add through inter-personal relationships, Inspirometers enable you to track people's engagement with policy and values, and to gain real-time feedback on facilities, resources, and corporate initiatives.

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Instantly tracks all forms of value-add: internal, external, multi-site …

Business interaction tool

Inspirometers can monitor all forms of business interactions in all aspects of your business: sales; service; support; operations; marketing; design; R&D; HR; finance; shared services; facilities; governance; ... And through all channels of (intended) value transfer: meetings; email; social media; printed materials; events; knowledge management; education; publication; PR; ... etc.

No aspect of your business operations need to be outside scope with Inspirometer.

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