Inspirometer's Collaboration Analytics: Insights for Agility

Effortless collaboration analytics

Inspirometer's Collaboration Analytics implementation is fast and simple. Even large multinationals can have a complete picture of how their people are spending their time within 24 hours.
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 Effortless setup of workplace analytics
 Making organisational value-add visible through collaboration analytics

Making value-add visible

For the first time, leaders are able to see the flow of value between their people and across their business. Not just in the factory and the financials.
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Tracking unseen trends

Real-time trend analysis shows you the progress and the impact of your policies and strategies down through your organisation.
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 Tracking trends through collaboration analytics and workplace analytics
 Efficient organisation - silo and deployment analytics

Efficient organisation

Heat-maps highlight points of friction and inefficiency in the interfaces across your organisation, enabling them to be fixed quickly.
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Harnessing diversity

See how well you engage the full range of skills, insights, attitudes and experience available to you in the diverse mix of people you employ.
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Harnessing diversity through diversity metrics in workplace analytics
 Ensuring good meeting practice and meeting disciplines

Ensuring good practice

Inspirometer's Collaboration Analytics track the adoption of sustainable learning disciplines within your organisation.
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Getting a handle on culture

Systematically manage your culture.  See the behaviours and values that are sustained by your current working practices (both formal and informal).
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 Getting a handle on culture metrics and culture analytics
 Response to change

Response to change

Is your organisation working smarter or harder in response to an increasing rate of change? Inspirometer allows you to see and manage the difference.
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