Inspirometer enables smarter communication

April 1, 2016 in Communication

Tracking Communication

Do you seek sharper meetings, smarter email, better customer service, self-improving internal systems? Have you calculated how much time and productivity you lose through these things?

It is a lot. But a big part of the problem is that most organisations can only guess at the figure. They have no data on the efficiency of these things and, more importantly, nor do the people who are responsible for running them (on average meetings are less than 50% efficient).

Inspirometers close that gap. They provide the data which enables communication to 'learn and adapt'; to increase its value-add and more efficiently achieve its purposes. The result is exemplary customer service and inspirational productivity improvement.

To see how, use the faces above left to rate how you feel about the quality of my introduction.

When you click the face (or its equivalents for meetings, service, emails etc.) you instantly update my own personal dashboard where I can see the patterns in the impact of my work. You also update my boss's graph, so she can see where I might benefit from recognition or help. And you update my organisation's metrics, so we can track our overall performance. All with just one click.

As the result of the clicks that are provided: I can see what is not working as I expected it to; I can identify patterns and connections between areas of my work; I can see trends in my effectiveness; I can initiate informed dialogue with people to gather further insights; I can make changes and track their improvement; I can build my confidence in areas that are working fine; I can quickly identify issues in areas that are not. And so can my boss. And so can her boss.

Inspirometer is fundamentally a very simple system consisting of faces to capture perceptions, and dials to display them. Sure, you can make it more complicated. You can dabble with comments, anonymity, traceability, validation, security, analysis etc. (and we do) but at its core is speed and simplicity - your ability to provide feedback in a click, and my ability to see that in real-time. And on that simple basis, we (and our people) can, for the first time, know and improve the efficiency of our communication.

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