Effective Meetings: The mechanics of leadership

Meetings designed for a changing world

The biggest change we are seeing is in how we collaborate. But are we simply responding to that change? Or are we actively thinking through a strategy to make the best of it?
Are we thinking about meetings, or do they just happen?
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 Intuitive Interface enables easy Meeting Metrics

Goal: Inspiring Leadership

Success in conducting effective meetings is not defined by topics covered or decisions made. It is measured by the change in the attitudes, insight & commitment of the people leaving the 'room'.
It is about their empowerment (in the widest possible sense) to do what may be required, and to inspire others to do the same.
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Approach: Full engagement

Commitment is born of ownership, and ownership grows through contributing to the shape of the solution, and the ideas within it.
Leadership-ready meetings enable full participation of everyone using simple tools and techniques to draw out everyone's ideas and build collective resolve.
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Interactive stand up meeting
 Empowered improvement through a wealth of meeting improvement resources

Means: Self-learning tools

There are literally hundreds of ways to collaborate on a decision. Most of the time we default to two (presentation & debate) mainly because we lack the confidence (or knowledge) to use the others.
Inspirometer provides simple steps for people to confidently adopt and adapt a wider range of best-practice tools and techniques gradually within their existing meetings.
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Tracking: Automated data

The biggest problem with meetings is that the people who run them are not equipped with the data to improve them. As a result, those who run poor meetings are largely unaware of the fact.
Inspirometer provides a gentle, supported means by which people can quickly see their strengths and address areas of weakness.
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Insightful analysis shows how to increase meeting effectiveness

 Simple administration to ensure efficient meetings improvement

Next Steps (Individual)

If you are already aware of how you wish to improve, simply go to the clinic and select a simple strategy to begin to move forward - you will find some initial help on this below.
If you are not aware, or if you wish to track your progress (which will prove key to sustained improvement) install Inspirometer and use it to guide and encourage you on your way.
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Next Steps (Organisational)

Unlike the performance gains seen in virtually every other business process, meeting performance has remained largely static (and low). In large part, this is because, unlike every other business process, organisations lack the data to manage that improvement.
Given the increasing importance of collaboration and personal relationships moving forward, it is vitally important for organisations to resolve this issue. Adopting Inspirometer across the business enables this to happen.
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 Corporate meeting impact analysis using EFQM model
 Improved meetings productivity ensures increased business productivity

There is no better time to start

(except perhaps yesterday)
Inspirometer's Meeting Metrics can provide a return of 100x based on productivity alone. But its real value is cultural: engagement; creativity; joy!
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