The potential for digitalisation to transform our working relationships

Meetings have taken place in roughly the same way for over 2000 years, despite being one of the most complained about aspects of business activity. But the advent of digitalisation brings with it not only the opportunity to transform meetings, but also the expectation. The following video (12 mins) explains the reasons for this, and the resources below provide some initial steps to help your own organisation to respond to the changes that are currently upon us.
A transcript for the key messages in this video can be found here:

Links to resources

The following resources are intended to stimulate and support your own journey into using digitalisation to make your meetings more effective. They consist of articles, guides and tools to better understand meeting effectiveness, and to apply this understanding step-by-step. Many of them are provided through Inspirometer's free subscription service.
For the purposes of transparency, Inspirometer provides an inexpensive solution to measuring meeting effectiveness - these resources are our way of ensuring that people can respond to the numbers when they get them - but they are also freely available to those seeking to improve by whatever means.

Meeting metrics

The above resources hold great potential for improving the effectiveness of your meetings.
The same is true of a number of really good ideas and approaches which have been introduced in the past - and which generally came to nothing (over time they have been forgotten, or inefficiency has slipped back in another way).
The reality is, no business process has been sustainably improved without data, and meetings are no exception. To ensure that the application of good practice is built and sustained in your organisation, you WILL need to implement some means for measuring the effectiveness of those meetings, and inspiring people to use that information to continue to learn and develop their approach. The following links will help you to: