The Building Technologies Division of Siemens offers energy-efficient, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure. Their vision is to create “Perfect Places,” constructions designed to meet all of their customers’ exacting requirements. Like Inspirometer, they follow the principle of continuous improvement across their business to help create these Perfect Places.   […]

Siemens gain 50% better meetings through measurement

The ‘process’ of a meeting is about how the meeting takes place. It is independent of the topic – the meeting process can be used for making a decision on coffee or computers, the subject matter is largely irrelevant. So if we take a meeting process from 2000 years ago, […]

Our current meetings process is relatively unchanged over 2000 years

Transcript of a talk given to Siemens on the future of meetings A video version of this talk can be found on the Inspirometer Digital Page Good afternoon. I am Mike Clargo, and I am working here to help improve meeting effectiveness. This afternoon, I would like to share with […]

Effective Meetings in a Digital World

Meeting metrics and continuous improvement
Talk given to Business Excellence Forum on Meeting Metrics Mike Clargo – September 2017   Executive summary: Over the past century, increasingly effective process improvement techniques have transformed business performance – through data. Conversely, our experience of the meetings process is largely unchanged – through lack of data (we don’t […]

Meetings Excellence

Fred Reicheld’s popular Net Promoter (R) Score has been an excellent tool to regain a crucial focus on customer relationships. Its simplicity has garnered top level ‘promotion’ in organisations, and in many cases it has pushed customers to the top of the organisational agenda, to sit alongside profit as a focus […]

Why Advocates are more realistic than Promoters