Most of us recognise how our increasingly VUCA future requires us to continuously develop & engage the best in our people. The evidence of this can be seen in how our language is changing. The term ‘manager’ with its connotations of formality and defined remit is in general decline. It […]

Are your meetings leadership-ready?

The Building Technologies Division of Siemens offers energy-efficient, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure. Their vision is to create “Perfect Places,” constructions designed to meet all of their customers’ exacting requirements. Like Inspirometer, they follow the principle of continuous improvement across their business to help create these Perfect Places.   […]

Siemens gain 50% better meetings through measurement

The ‘process’ of a meeting is about how the meeting takes place. It is independent of the topic – the meeting process can be used for making a decision on coffee or computers, the subject matter is largely irrelevant. So if we take a meeting process from 2000 years ago, […]

Our current meetings process is relatively unchanged over 2000 years

Transcript of a talk given to Siemens on the future of meetings A video version of this talk can be found on the Inspirometer Digital Page Good afternoon. I am Mike Clargo, and I am working here to help improve meeting effectiveness. This afternoon, I would like to share with […]

Effective Meetings in a Digital World

The answer to this question clearly varies from organisation to organisation and from meeting to meeting. However, based on a survey from 2010, a realistic average would be 50% of all meeting time. 40-80% of meeting time is wasted … The survey, conducted across a wide range of meetings, across […]

How much meeting time can you save?

Meeting metrics and continuous improvement
Talk given to Business Excellence Forum on Meeting Metrics Mike Clargo – September 2017   Executive summary: Over the past century, increasingly effective process improvement techniques have transformed business performance – through data. Conversely, our experience of the meetings process is largely unchanged – through lack of data (we don’t […]

Meetings Excellence

Response rates measure the proportion of people who respond as a percentage of the population who had an opportunity to respond. In respect of surveys and polls, we are concerned with what proportion of people who encounter a survey actually provide a response. There is no universal standard for this. […]

How to maximise customer feedback? . | . What are ...

Ineffective meetings are the bane of most organisations. They create frustration and stress, they waste people’s time, and they undermine potential. But what causes meetings to be ineffective? A large factor is clearly the way that meetings are designed and led, but that only represents one-third of the issue. A […]

Does your culture reward ineffective meetings?

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Tanzan and Ekido were once traveling together down a muddy road. A heavy rain was falling. As they came around a bend, they met a lovely girl in a silk kimono and sash, unable to cross at an intersection. “Come on, girl,” said Tanzan at once. Lifting her in his […]

Meeting Power Plays (3) – ‘Believing’ yourself back to success

Seats around a meeting room table are not all of equal influence. The smooth transfer of the conversation from one speaker to the next is as much about visual cues as it is about verbal ones. Body language gives us a sub-conscious indicator of where the next input is most […]

Meeting Power Plays (2) – Where you sit really does ...

James really should have moved the flipchart. It wasn’t just the projector half-blinding him whenever he looked up from writing on it, or the fact that he had stumbled over it twice – they were simply the obvious clues. The main reason was that it had imprisoned James in an […]

Meeting Power Plays (1) – Making the room your own

Maintaining awareness What is the biggest problem in adopting a new behaviour? For most of us, it is simply remembering that we are trying to change our behaviour. Sometimes, days can go by, and then something will happen (perhaps an outlook reminder of our impending coaching session) and we will […]

Overcoming the biggest obstacle to personal growth