Inspirometer Ltd. was founded in 2016, but its roots extend back into 2010 when Mike Clargo and Alan Moss came together to pursue an idea. From the beginning, the purpose of Inspirometer was to improve all interactions in business by allowing people to see and assess their own performance - whether that’s in large scale meetings, briefings, or anything else. It’s based on the principle that people actually know more about running good meetings than they think, and all they need is consistent, constructive feedback to leverage this knowledge. Inspirometer provides the visibility and accountability needed to make long or unproductive meetings shorter and more useful. It enables employees at all levels to make informed choices about their meetings, as well as how they participate, lead, and oversee them.

Mike Clargo

Mike consults to a number of large international organisations on management and facilitation, including Siemens and Microsoft. He authored the book Meeting by Design, which proposes practical ways of transforming meeting efficiency in both the physical and virtual world, and was based on research into meeting performance across 50 different organisations.

Alan Moss

Alan is the technical brains behind Inspirometer. In 2011, Inspirometer pioneered the use of “sentiment metrics” in meeting analysis. These enable users to gather quick and easy feedback on their individual interactions and relationships. Inspirometer’s simple approach enabled people to capture a much greater volume of feedback from both internal colleagues and external customers and has provided organisations with a practical means to measure the key intangible factors that contribute to business success.

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