Inspirometer: Meeting effectiveness metrics

Real-time, workplace analytics which empower better meetings at every level

Inspirometer software is an intelligent, user-friendly toolkit that: automates anonymous meeting feedback across your entire organisation; provides best practice meeting analysis capabilities directly to the people who run meetings; and collates real-time workplace analytics for the business as a whole.

Automated tools tap into your existing sources of information to configure people's mobile devices as an effortless means of capturing single-click meeting effectiveness feedback. Leaders receive real-time meeting insight and analysis direct to their phones and laptops. Trend analysis equips management with tailored strategies for meeting productivity improvement, and tracks meeting KPIs to support better engagement, diversity, teamwork and creativity.

And it is so easy, you and your team can be measuring, analysing and improving your meetings in minutes, using our free trial option.

Graphic shows how Inspirometer meeting effectiveness metrics support all levels of the organisation in improving meeting productivity. The image shows: the executive level reviewing workplace analytics to improve cultural impact on employee engagement, diversity, and ownership; the management level using meeting analysis data and teamwork metrics to coach better meetings; the operational level using real-time meeting feedback to collaborate on improving their own meeting process; and the infrastructure level supporting all of this through calendar and meeting feedback analytics.

Real-Time Workplace Analytics

Powerful, simple reporting and analysis tools allow management to see in an instant how well their organisation is working - and to monitor engagement, collaboration, customer-focus and creativity across, within and between all their various teams ... click for details.


Teamwork & Meeting Metrics

Inspirometer provides a real-time overview of how effectively your teamwork and collaboration processes are working. Local leadership can readily track meeting efficiency, progress and value-add and adopt a range of proven strategies for improvement ... click for details.


Self-Motivated Improvement

Real-time meeting feedback is available to everyone involved in meetings. Leaders and participants can immediately see their influence on meeting productivity, enabling real-time adjustments and personal responsibility for self development .


Effortless Set-up

A small change in your Outlook settings, and a free app on your mobile devices, enables Inspirometer to track meeting impact and analyse your collaboration effectiveness in all its forms.

Automatically gathers meeting data

Inspirometer gathers its meeting statistics, collaboration metrics and workplace analytics directly from Outlook, effortlessly.

Effortless single-click feedback

Intuitive faces require only one click to capture perspectives which track meeting impact, and measure meeting value-add.

Personal dashboards motivate improvement

Each member of staff has their own dashboard where they can track their progress and adopt best-practice meeting improvement strategies.

Integrates into existing reporting

Inspirometer maps your management structure and equips leadership at all levels to see appropriate real-time meeting metrics and workplace analytics which enable them to manage local trends and performance.

Graphic shows a series of images: beginning with the Outlook calendar where meeting statistics are collated and uploaded to enable and contextualise meeting measurement; the single click meeting feedback panel which uses emoticons to capture meeting satisfaction; the inspirometer dashboard displaying meeting productivity based on measuring the impact of the meeting on people's attitudes and commitment; and the workplace analytics page where meeting analytics are displayed, including meeting cost, meeting timespend, and other key metrics.

Try it now with a single click:

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As easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

1. Invite to a meeting (set up here)
2. Get attendees to feed back by clicking a face on their phone/device
3. See the results instantly in your account

"Stunningly simple, surprisingly powerful - as with all great ideas!" Dilip Popat, Microsoft

Features and Benefits

Automatic Meeting Tracking
Integrated Mobile App
Individual Personal Accounts
Corporate & Team Accounts
Easy User Administration
Outlook Calendar Integration
oAuth2.0 Data Security
Real-Time Meeting Statistics
Minimal Setup & Implementation
Structured Oversight & Access
Global Cloud-based Solution
Whitelabel Branding Options
Consultancy & Support Packages
High Response Rates
Real-time Data & Reporting
Engaging User Dashboards
Low-cost c.100-fold RoI
Simple on-line training
Creativity & Innovation Metrics
Self-motivated Personal Improvement

You can also use Inspirometer to track your relationships and interactions outside of meetings ...

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