Account Pricing

Account Pricing


Scale_of_Commitment2 copyThe trial account is an excellent way to understand the power and potential of Inspirometers. They are free versions of the professional account – available for a period of 30 days. To set yours up, simply invite to your meeting, or open an account here, or install our free Outlook add-in.

The professional account is aimed at most individual business users – it provides the range and flexibility of Tags that you will require to cover a range of different aspects in your work, and it includes sufficient responses for personal business use connected with your work. It is charged at £4.50 per month. Begin by opening a trial account, and simply start paying after the first 30 days.

The specialist account provides for situations which require a higher level of feedback, such as marketing campaigns. They are for individuals gathering feedback on behalf of a group of people or an aspect of business. Specialist accounts are charged at £19.50 per month. To discuss your needs, please contact us.

The corporate account combines professional accounts into a shared structure, and enables overview and administration at different levels of your business. Pricing for the corporate account starts at £100 per month, which includes up to 20 professional accounts. Further professional accounts can be added as required to a maximum of 6.4 million accounts per organisation. To discuss your needs, please contact us.


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