Transform your meetings with Inspirometer


Real-time information that drives change at every level of your business

Top-level metrics on meetings & culture

Real-time overview of how the most important process in your organisation is working. Track the benefits in: time saving; creativity; enthusiasm; commitment; staff engagement; x-working; and customer satisfaction.

Management oversight & reporting

All levels of management can see in an instant those areas of their organisation which are already using data to improve, and those areas which may need further help and support to get started.

Self-motivated improvement

Real-time feedback is available to all those involved in meetings. People can immediately see their influence on meeting success and track their efforts to improve.

Effortless set-up

A small change in your Outlook exchange settings enables Inspirometer to configure and track feedback for your meetings.

Automatically gathers meeting data

Inspirometer gathers its meeting data directly from outlook.

Effortless single-click feedback

Intuitive faces require only one click to capture perspectives on meeting effectiveness

Personal dashboards motivate improvement

Each individual involved in running meetings automatically receives their own dashboard where they can track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Integrates into existing reporting

Inspirometer maps your management structure and enables you to see local trends and performance

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As easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

1. Invite to a meeting (no set up required)
2. Get attendees to feed back by clicking a face on their phone/device
3. See the results instantly in your account (logins are sent by email)

"Stunningly simple, surprisingly powerful - as with all great ideas!" Dilip Popat, Microsoft

Features and Benefits       (user selectable)

Individual Personal Accounts
Corporate & Team Accounts
User-Definable Alerts & Digests
oAuth2.0 Data Security
User Customisable Questions
Flexible Tagging & Feedback Options
Automatic Tracking of Meeting Data
Easy User Maintenance & Administration
Structured Oversight & Access Controls
Real-Time Meeting Statistics
Real-Time Engagement Tracking
Facility & Resource Metrics
Respondent Anonymity Options
Easy-to-Use Pulse Surveys
Minimal Setup & Implementation
Global Cloud-based Solution
Whitelabel Branding Options
Consultancy & Support Packages
High Response Rates
Real-time Data & Reporting
Engaging User Dashboards
Multi-language Capability
Knowledge-base & Document Metrics
Process Experience Metrics
Low-cost c.100-fold RoI
No Initial Training Required
Creativity & Innovation Metrics
Self-motivated Personal Improvement
Communication & Email Metrics
Teamwork Health Tracking

You can also use Inspirometer to track your relationships and interactions outside of meetings ...

Tag key interactions

A Tag is a request for feedback. Create them in seconds and attach them to processes, services, documents, emails etc.! Whatever aspect of value you are measuring, it's fast and easy to create Inspirometer Tags and start using them.

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Track value-add

Tags come in a wide range of forms to monitor the value of all types of interaction. With our system your people are provided with real-time insight into their impact on their customers across all aspects of their work.

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Improve productivity

Our powerful data analysis tools allows you and your people to drill down into the feedback, see trends, initiate constructive dialogue, and find new ways to streamline their work and add further value - internally & externally.

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